When a business owner decides to take on a digital marketing plan, he or she may wonder about the best way to go about achieving their strategic goals. The question arises, “should I have my staff work on this, or should I outsource it?”

Think of it like a major league baseball team. Fielding a championship team means acquiring a pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base, a shortstop, and outfielders at left, right and center. Each athlete is expertly skilled at his position, but if you begin switching players to different positions, the game may not go so smoothly.

Now, think about your office staff. Do you have every specialized team member that’s necessary to get your digital marketing plan off the ground? Let’s see, that would be a marketing strategist, web developer, SEO expert, content writer, social media specialist, and perhaps a digital advertising guru with expertise in geo-targeting, geo-fencing, and retargeting your audience.

What?! You don’t have those individuals on your staff? I didn’t think so. Your best bet is to recruit a team comprised of every specialist necessary to make your project a grand slam! You wouldn’t put your starting pitcher in the catcher’s position, so you probably shouldn’t ask your database administrator to post for you on social media. And, as proficient as she is on Excel and QuickBooks, you may want to avoid having your accountant design your website.

But wait a minute, you say. This may lead to some big-league spending and break my budget! Think again. Retaining the services of an independent digital marketing agency means that you are hiring MVP’s to get the job done. Seasoned professionals will understand your budget, your audience, your products and services, and your competition. They’ll design a thoughtful, strategic plan that will be effective in achieving your marketing goals.

Remember, your in-house staff is not “free.” You pay them and they have their own specific focus. So, writing a check to a digital marketing firm for their services can actually translate to dollars saved thanks to their team’s experience and understanding of the marketing “game.”


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