A well-designed website is like the front door to your business. Would you prefer it to be freshly painted in a vibrant color, accented with attractive hardware, a wreath, and a beautiful planter beside it? Or will a chipped, warped door with rusted hardware covered with cobwebs do the job? Although many of us hate to admit it, perception is important!

Studies show that 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and services, and most of them do their research online before visiting or making a purchase. You can Google anything--so why not develop the resources to be found online? It’s time to put out that welcome mat!

Business websites draw wide audiences, provide valuable information, and add credibility. When you provide an email address that ends in “.gmail.com” rather than your business name, it sends send a less-than professional message to your audience.

It’s like the front door, remember? Here are a few more reasons to develop a good site:

  • A website creates brand memory and consistency. By using your company’s colors, themes, and logo, it will effectively communicate your company’s branding, messaging, and culture.
  • You may be a local business, but wouldn’t you like a wider audience? Times have proven that in-person transactions are trending away from the norm, and virtual business is carried out each day from all over the world. Websites can put you anywhere and everywhere on the map.

  • Over 5 billion searches are made online every day. People are used to shopping online and many prefer it. An e-commerce site boosts sales, expands your business hours, and streamlines your transactions seamlessly. 59% of millennials will head to Amazon before any other website, making them one of your biggest competitors right off the bat. (Inviqa)

  • Social media is not enough. However, you don’t own your content on social media and its ever-changing algorithms. So instead, use it to drive traffic to your website! In addition, popular platforms change or vanish over time. Remember MySpace? Without a website, you are victim to the whims of Mark Zuckerberg and his friends.

  • You need to be discoverable and progressive; not outdated. During the COVID pandemic, we saw the power of the internet with easy accessibility and shop-at-home-services. We saw companies that had to pivot to change their business model. That situation illustrates the importance of being findable for your customers. A website providing details, hours, new business channels, and clickable links is a critical service to a quarantined audience.

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.  Who will get that business? Let’s “open doors” and make it you!


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