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Chadler Solutions is an insurance company with locations in Fairfield, NJ and Yonkers, NY. Their diversified and educated personnel allow them to handle the most challenging commercial placements.

They built their business and reputation on a consistent mission: to be a trusted advisor to clients, helping them protect their assets, manage costs, mitigate risk and achieve financial security.

Their promise is to provide caring personal attention and service that all clients deserve: from the individual craftsman to the group trade association, the single-family home to the multiunit development, the local retailer to the multimillion-dollar manufacturing facility with environmental concerns.



Chadler Solutions required a fresh design that was search engine friendly and responsive to the large variety mobile devices.  They also wanted a content management system platform (CMS) that would give them ability to easily make changes to the information throughout the site. 

The initial focus was presentation.  Although the content was good value, it was difficult for a visitor to find what they were looking for.  Newtech rebuilt the structure starting with the services provided.  Chadler Solutions is broken down into seven insurance categories. Commercial Insurance, Group Benefits, Personal Insurance, Retirement Services, Surety Bonding, Executive Benefits & Individual Insurance and HR Solutions.  We re-organized the content for a visitor to understand exactly what they offer without the frustration when navigating throughout the site and most likely leaving to find a different company.  These seven areas are now images positioned at the top of welcome page and display the insurance category.  Each is linked to the associated page explaining the details of the insurance type.

The next concern was search engine optimization.  Content was organized into the associated pages, and we ensured keywords were properly placed.  As “spiderbots” crawl the internet is crucial that keywords are tagged accurately.  This includes title tags, meta tags, header tags and URLs.  This is an example of a URL we used that contains the proper keywords associated to the “Personal Insurance” page: .

Newtech continues to work with Chadler Solutions and are always available for assistance.


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